5 Tiny Home Road Trip Tips

Traveling with your tiny home is a unique experience that allows you to adventure within your own home. While traveling with your tiny home is exciting, it is also necessary to know your tiny home and how to prepare it for your road trip.


Know Where You’re Going

No, not just the city. When taking a road trip with your tiny home, you should look into several campgrounds that interest you as well as their amenities. Make note of everything your tiny home needs in order to function properly. Before you leave, call the campground and let them know you’re coming and that you’re in a tiny home. It is incredibly rare that a campground will not allow a tiny home. When you call, confirm that they have the amenities and hookups you need.


Consider Purchasing an RV GPS

Your tiny home is wide, heavy, and shaped unlike any other trailer. It is important to keep in mind the same paths you may have taken in your car alone may not be the safest or smartest options when trekking with your tiny home. An RV GPS will navigate you in the quickest, safest routes for you to get to your destination while pulling your tiny home.


Secure Belongings and Decor

When traveling with your tiny home, be sure to secure all drawers, decor, loose furniture, etc. As you drive and turn, these things will shift and slide and may be damaged during travel. Using zip ties or other techniques will keep you from damaging your belongings inside of the tiny home during travel.


Check your Tires and Trailer Hitch

Be sure to check the tires of your tiny home prior to leaving for your road trip. This is not only a safety measure, it also takes time and stress away from an unexpected flat. Additionally, depending on the length of your road trip, be sure to check the tires and your trailer hitch periodically to confirm that everything is secured.


Test your Appliances

Before you leave for your tiny home adventures, make sure that all of your appliances are functioning properly. If one of your appliances does not appear to be working, that is a problem much easier fixed before your trip than upon arrival.

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