Where to Park your Tiny Home

Often, new tiny home owners find the stresses of parking their tiny home overwhelming. When you purchase your tiny home or prepare to relocate, it is important to keep several key factors in mind.


Does it fit your lifestyle?

Before settling on a location, identify how smoothly it fits in your lifestyle. Do you prefer social environments with community activities? How close is it to your place of work or family? Do you prefer peaceful wilderness and city excitement? Make note of the things you do and don’t want as a part of your new community while preparing to relocate.


Know your Price.

What is your lease budget? Knowing how much you can pay (or are willing to pay) should be a big part of your decision on where to park. Most tiny home spots require a signed lease, meaning that you will have to make a payment each month. Each luxury, location, and amenity will affect your rent payments.

Always Choose Firm, Level Ground

Dirt, sand, and other soft grounds are risky for tiny homes, often make them immobile or tilted. These conditions not only create an incredibly uncomfortable living situation, they also make it difficult to relocate your tiny home. Gravel and cement are the best options for parking your tiny home long-term.

Familiarize Yourself with the Utilities You Need.

Every person is different. You may have specific needs when it comes to utilities that are not available at every tiny home park. Make sure you’ve done your research and self-observing of which utilities you need.

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